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The Strong Health

The Strong Health.

Nutrition for a healthy weight and for preventing, reverting and curing diseases.


Author: Marie C. Aguayo Beligat

Author website: https://eidos-project.net

Pages: 406

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This book is for those who really appreciate their health. Whoever follows the recommendations of this book will really have a strong health.

Why is it not convenient for this book to spread? The reason is simple. People will have less health problems and they will spend less money in the healthcare industry. This book is ideal for those people who do not have a health care system.

"The Strong Health" is an innovative book on nutrition conceived for all people who want to improve their health and have a healthier lifestyle. The content of this book goes beyond the concept of traditional nutrition that seeks to satisfy nutritional requirements to avoid diseases. In the innovative field of nutritional science, a new and revolutionary concept is introduced based on functional foods with nutraceutical properties as an important part of a diet to prevent, reverse and cure diseases including cancer. Also to achieve a healthy weight without putting health at risk, the book promotes a nutrition system based on an innovative method that observes the laws of the universe inspired by the principles of thermodynamics that allows adjusting the nutritional program over time achieving a good physiological adaptation and that in turn satisfies all nutritional requirements through a totally healthy diet made up of functional foods with nutraceutical properties.

This book helps people to save a lot of money in health. Also people will feel younger and more energetic.