Digital Fine Art Photography
eje of digital cameraThe Eye of the digital camera

How is working your brain? What are you seeing?

Realism and Subjectivism Photography

Aquatic reflexions



SecureNote is a secure Note Taking and Personal Information Manager. It includes a Password Manager, Tasks, Calendar and Contacts Manager for Windows.

SecureNote is portable, it can be installed on a USB Stick along with your encrypted data.

Your notes, passwords, calendar, contacts, tasks and important files are kept secure, encrypted on the fly (using AES-256), inside a Secure Notebook folder.

ScreenshotIn case you are forced to reveal your password, SecureNote provides a way to keep your notes safe.

Bersoft Private MailBersoft Private Mail

e-mail client that offers the utmost privacy and security

Bersoft Image MeasurementBersoft Image Measurement

To measure images accurately


Camera SentryCamera Sentry

An effective Linux NVR Software that can monitor multiple IP Cameras

Bersoft HTML PrintBersoft HTML Print

To print HTML pages from other programs


The total scanning solution

Digital Fine Art PhotograPhyFotografĂ­a Digital ArtĂ­stica

Taking pictures of the spirit of the universe

Secrets for learning how to take pictures of the spirit of the universe

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Taking pictures of the spirit of the universe